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PASQuanS2 - Framework for programmable Atomic Large-scale Quantum Simulation


Project: PASQuanS2

Title: Framework for programmable Atomic Large-scale Quantum Simulation

Period: 1. 3. 2023 - 28. 2. 2027


Principal investigator UL FMF: Tomaž Prosen

Research activity: Computer and information sciences

Project description:

PASQuanS2 sets out to transform the development of programmable quantum simulation in Europe over the next seven years. Following a two-stage approach, one of the major objectives of this first project phase PASQuanS2.1 (running for the next 3.5 years), is the development of quantum simulators with at least 2,000 atoms and a path towards 10,000 while improving control, stability, and scalability. Building on the achievements of the previous phase EU Quantum Technology Flagship project PASQuanS, our mission is to bring about transformative advancements in quantum simulation. This includes leveraging cutting-edge technologies and fostering collaborative partnerships with industry technology partners, supply chain stakeholders, and end-users. By doing so, we aim to create a conducive environment that will drive innovation and propel the field of Programmable Quantum Simulation forward.