[PhD Cakes] Solstice gathering 22.12.17

Datum objave: 20. 12. 2017
Srečanja doktorskih študentov
Friday, 22. 12. 2017, at 15:00 at Mafija, FMF, Jadranska 21, Ljubljana
Dear fellow PhD students,

I have an invitation and a question for you.

1) The calendar year is coming to an end and days will finally start getting longer again. I would like to invite you on this occasion to come together at Maφja, and celebrate the first day after the winter solstice

this Friday, December 22, 2017, at 15:00.

It is the time of the year of frantic baking and planned diabetes. Why not escape the gingerbread factory and share some of the baked goods with your fellow FMF elves? If you think you can make a little sweet contribution let us know via the cake form :)


2) There has been some discussion about the weekday for our PhD meetings. Friday has the advantage that most of the week's work is done and taking an hour for a seminar might be easier than in the middle of the week. It has the disadvantage that many of us travel regularly on weekends and thus will not be able to attend. Wednesday has the advantage that most of us will actually be at the faculty, or at least in Ljubljana. But for those of us who work at a different facility, it means we have to leave early and drive to FMF to attend the seminar.
Because we can not know your schedules I want to ask you to give us feedback and explain
- which time slot would be ideal for you
- if there is a time slot that's really bad for you


Several alternatives to the previous time slots exist, I will suggest a couple here:
- move the seminar to the morning hours. Then we can go on with work afterwards
- move the seminar to slightly later hours of a weekday, eg Wednesday 4pm or 5pm. Everyone can attend and you still get a full day of work.

We may not be able to make everyone happy but will strive for a balanced solution. Do bear in mind that the seminar only takes place once a month, so that you can accommodate for it every now and then.

I would also like to mention here that these gatherings should have both a social and a scientific function. The social is obvious, but besides that it is an occasion for us to work on our presentation skills, broaden our horizon about current research topics, and even exchange some concrete ideas.

Winterly yours,
Anja & Philipp