[PhD cakes] Easter gathering 30.03.2018, Speaker: Ivan Kukuljan

Datum objave: 27. 3. 2018
Srečanja doktorskih študentov
Friday, 30.03.2018, at 15:30 at Mafija, FMF, Jadranska 21, Ljubljana
Dear fellow PhD students,

it is time to announce our easter gathering this Friday, 30. 03. 2018 at 15:30 in Maφja. Free coffee (or hot cocoa) will be provided in exchange for your signature in the notebook. You are all invited to provide some baked goods and sign up here:


We are excited to announce the speaker at the gathering:

Ivan Kukuljan: Quantum field theory and ultra cold atoms

Abstract: Quantum field theory is what many physicists refer to as "the most advanced language of modern physics". On one hand it is used to describe elementary particles, where it includes three out of four elementary forces in nature) on the other, materials like superconductors. Despite its elegance, however, if the interaction between the particles in the system is strong, it becomes very hard to solve a quantum field theory - in most of the cases so far impossible. This is one of the most important open problems in theoretical

In the last decades there has been another important progress, this time experimental -
the development of ultra cold atoms technology. Using state of the art lasers, the physicists are able to cool down atoms to temperatures of just a few nano Kelvins above the absolute zero. With such systems, they are able to simulate quantum mechanical theories and effects. Interestingly, there has recently been an experiment where the ultra cool researchers were able to simulate a strongly interacting quantum field theory. In my talk, I will briefly explain (actually more handwave considering the time limit) the above two topics and present our recent results which are the first theoretical explanation of the above mentioned experiment and the first computation of multi-point correlation functions in the quantum sine-Gordon theory.

Philipp & Anja