Computer science and mathematics, Second Cycle - courses 2023/24

Language of the course:

  • Slo - Slovene
  • Eng - English
  • Slo/Eng - English if enough foreign students
Mathematics 1.sem 2.sem ECTS Lecturer (language)
A Probabilistic methods in computer science 3/2 6 Marc (Slo/Eng)
Logic in computer science 3/2 6 Simpson (Eng)
Topics in numerical mathematics: Numerical approximation and interpolation 3/2 6 Knez (Slo)
Topics in numerical mathematics: Numerical methods for linear control systems 3/2 6 Plestenjak (Slo)
Topics in numerical mathematics: Numerical solving of partial differential equations 3/2 6 Grošelj (Slo)
Topics in discrete mathematics: Permutation groups and combinatorial structures 3/2 6 Potočnik, Montero (Eng)
Mathematics with computers 3/2 6 Iršič, Cabello (Slo)
Combinatorics 2 3/2 6 Konvalinka (Slo/Eng)
Cryptography and computer security 3/2 6 Jurišić (Eng)
Topological data analysis 3/2 6 Virk (Eng)
Computational complexity 3/2 6 Simpson (Eng)
... and up to 3 mathematical courses from the Mathematics programme...

Appropriate courses from the Mathematics programme would be, for example, Bayesian statistics (lecturer Smrekar (Slo), autumn semester).

Note that Workplace experience is not considered as a mathematical course and can be chosen as a general elective only once.

Extracurricular courses FMF semester ECTS Lecturer Language
Bridge 1. semester 3 Barbara Drinovec Drnovšek Slo
Voluntary work in teaching support 1. or 2. semester 3 Damjan Kobal Slo

Student's choice of electives must be approved by the department's study committee.